Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy Policy

Appropriate Data Collection

The personal information we collect from our customers are exclusively for the necessary and fair business practices, and are collected by appropriate means.

Purpose of Use and Notification

When we gather personal information from you, we will notify or announce our purpose of use.
The personal information you provide us, will be handled for any of the purposes below:-

Purpose of Use and Third Parties

f we are to provide your personal information to third parties, only when we have your permission first, shall we do so.
However, when there is an urgent need to protect our customer’s life, body or wealth, or when required by law, we may use data for purposes other than the ones above, or we may provide data to third parties, without having your consent.

Safeguarding Personal Information

To prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification or leakage of your personal information, we shall take appropriate measures to safeguard them.
When a problem arises, we shall take prompt and correct measures and strive to keep your information safe and accurate.

Demands for Review, Correction and Elimination

We shall respond appropriately to your demands to review, edit or delete your personal information, if such demands have come by yourself.
When you wish to disclose, correct or delete the personal information that you have submitted to us, only when we are able to verify yourself, shall we grant disclosure, correction or elimination of personal information.
But once it is deleted, please note that we shall no longer be unable to provide support and services.