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Audio Sound Analyzer ASA-2


For Your Acoustic Measurement and Adjustment

Audio Sound Analyzer


Versatile audio sound analyzer for all your work from the field to the laboratory, helps you to create better acoustic fields, fitting your needs.

Product Overview

ASA-2 Windows Software
  • Easy-to-handle graphical operation.
  • Easy to make comparisons by opening a number of windows.
  • Measured data can be easily exported to other analyzing programs.
  • Hardware properties can be conveniently set in all-in-one view.
  • Window color setting is user-flexible.
  • Data can be exported in text (CSV) format and used in spreadsheet programs.
  • Digital recordings and impulse response programs support WAV files.
  • Useful printing functions.
A-1002 Impedance Adapter

A-1002 Impedance Adapter

Carriage Trunk (custom-made)
Realtime spectrum analysis: 1/3 oct. and 1/6 oct. spectrum analysis.
Swept sine measurement: For various precision frequency response measurements.
Time taken for sound to reach its destination and polarity: Polarity of loudspeaker and the time delay (up to 390m) can be measured.
Digital recordings: Recordings of impulse, swept sine, spot sine and sounds of various musical instruments
Test signals: Variety: Sine wave, MLS noise, pink noise, pulse and special CD.
Analysis of reverberation parameters: RT-60, D, C, R and EDT, etc.
Sound clarity: MTF, STI and RASTI
Sound diffusion and orientation By binaural correlation: IACC and RCC
For overall evaluation of sound field
FFT analysis: Transient response analysis (up to 1M)
Sonar graph: 3-D frequency spectrum display
RCC (option)
THD (option): Distortion analysis / distortion ratio frequency response
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Speaker Distortion Analysis software

Speaker Distortion Analysis software

Measurement microphones (2pcs: 1 pair)
Microphone holders (Stand & Head-set type: 1 pair)
Tripod for stand-type microphone holder
Microphone extension cables (2ch, 25m)
Polarization power supply for condenser microphone (built-into ASA-2)
Cables for connecting B & K Microphones
B&K microphone connector cable
Impedance Adapter (Model: A-1002)
Speaker Test CD (Model: ETCD-004)
SCSI Interface: Adaptec
Active terminator
Carriage Trunk (custom-made)
Speaker Distortion Analysis software (2nd, 3rd, to THD)
RCC Analysis software
RCC Analysis software

RCC Analysis software

Test CD No.ETCD-004

Test CD No.ETCD-004