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TS Parameter Analyzer  S-280


For precision evaluation of vibration parts of loudspeaker

TS Parameter Analyzer


Thiele-Small parameters are measured with just a bare loudspeaker.

Product Overview


The Thiele Small (T/S) parameters are derived by measuring the displacement of the cone paper of a loudspeaker under test, using a laser displacement sensor. There is no need for added mass or mounting in a sealed box to add stiffness for measurement. A single loudspeaker is all that you need for obtaining the T/S parameters.
The multiple measurements are remarkable in its ease and speed of operation.

TS GRAPH Display Example
  1. Easy software can be operated by anybody. Once you set up to 10 different conditions (voltage/displacement), the system automatically carries out a preliminary measurement to reduce the measuring time followed by a main measurement and the results are promptly displayed.
  2. All in complete system that can be operated as soon as it is set up. Power amplifier 100W / 1ohm with DC amplifier
  3. A well-built speaker mounting jig.
  4. Sine wave measurement ensures high S/N ratio and even low voltage can be measured.
  5. T/S parameters can be easily measured even while applying a displacement.
  6. Hysteresis can be easily measured under a stationary state
    (using three cycles).
  7. Distortion of moving components can be analyzed.
Jig and Sensor
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