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Sound measurement and advanced signal processing technology
Creating a new sound space…


Outstanding hardware and software integration. Design and development capabilities, digital signal processing and acoustic analysis techniques

  1. To incorporate innovations through brave challenges in new fields, and turn them into reality.
  2. To provide means to match human physiological sense and to make use of the relationship between people and tools.
  3. To accomplish the impossible, including the costs, through a hybrid system that organically combines software and hardware from analog to digital.
  4. Superior precision, rationality and coherence, in other words, excellent perfection.


1974 Shokichiro Hino founded Etani Electronics Co., Ltd. as an electrical instrument manufacturing company in Kamata, Ohta-ku
= Commercialization of development/production of evaluation equipment for audio devices =
1984 Developed and released the automatic control model of speaker test instrument, S-250
1994 Developed and released ASA-2 acoustic measurement instrument using DSP
=Since then, business activities have been developed mainly using products that employ DSP technique=
1995 Main office moved from Kamata, Ota-ku to the present location in Ohmori, Ota-ku
2007 Granted an invention research incentive for our efforts from the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation
2015 Announced and demonstrated professional high-resolution sound control system at CES
2018 Kimiko Hino takes over as President of Etani Electronics Co., Ltd.
Entering consumer audio field: Introducing ETANI ONE, the high-resolution music player
2020 Takashi Suzuki takes over as President of Etani Electronics Co., Ltd.


CompanyEtani Electronics Co., Ltd.
Location1-10-15, Ohmori-honcho, Ohta-ku, Tokyo, 143-0011 JAPAN
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RepresentativePresident Takashi Suzuki
EstablishedApril, 1973
Capital12 million yen


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Note ‘Omori’ is pronounced ‘Ohmori’.
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