ASA-10mkⅡ Pickup Measurement System

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Etani Electronics Co., Ltd. would be happy to advise you on various measurement and evaluation methods related to sound. This introduces you to our performance evaluation system of turntable pickups/cartridges. If you may be interested, please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page.

< Outline >

Frequency response measurement system of pickups/cartridges using a test record

< Functions and Features >

1. Frequency characteristics, harmonic distortions (2nd ~ 10th, THD) & crosstalk measurements using sweep signal

2. Low resonance characteristics using low-frequency sweep signal

3. Harmonic distortion of crosstalk

4. 1/3 octave spectrum analysis using pink noise signal

5. Equipped with scratch noise removal filter

6. Monitoring function by external output

7. CSV output of measured results and WAV file saving function

8. Simple setup by connecting the record player to ASA-10mkII and PC

< Measurement Window & Test Examples >

Sweep Frequency Characteristics

Low Resonance Frequency Characteristics

1/3 Octave Spectrum Analysis

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< Others >

Includes measurement cables and test record (AD-1) supervised by Japan Audio Society